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Heimatgemüse the cookbook

Cooking and creativity for me are inseparable. Not only because cooking has always been my second passion, besides creativity. Also because with a bit creative input in terms of cooking the best things happen. It starts with the combination of different ingredients and stops with serving something special. This is the reason why I chose this topic for my bachelor thesis and create a book.

The special feature of this book is, that it only deals with herbal dishes. My intention is to show everyone how versatile and colorful this way of life is. I like to show my readers how extensive the dishes can be without missing something. In addition, I consciously pay attention to many helpful combinations of vitamins and minerals, so they can be better absorbed and processed by the body.

My personal challenge was to make the meals – absolutely selfmade – not only good at taste but also suitable for many different targt groups. The dishes should neither deter nor persuade. They simply should make people want to prepare, cook and then enjoy their special food.

It was also very important for me that everyone finds the ingredients for my food in conventional supermarkets. In this case I want to take away the fear of probably not getting all the right ingredients.